Actively Giving Back

Auroractive was build with a mission of being able to take something that happened personally to myself & my family and give it a greater purpose. When we say "Active Lifestyle. Actively Giving Back." it isn't just cute marketing, or good branding, it's real and we mean it. Through this journey I have been able to start volunteering my time to local orgs who need more hands on deck, as well as focus on donating money.

Here's our progress so far:


Auroractive is proud to support a local non-profit that is working to support survivors of sex trafficking on the Orlando area. Statistically we know that in times like this trafficking is at an all-time high and organizations like this need more support. We are proud to volunteer our time here as well as make donations.


We hosted our own virtual micro fundraising event for Harbour Hope International in September, and were able to be a sponsor of the event as well. My Husband was also able to sponsor with his company.


Giving Tuesday - We were so honored to be able to donate to: The Ronald McDonald House Charity Central FL, Boys & Girls Club of Washtenaw County, & St. Judes on Giving Tuesday.


Helping us make spirits bright all December long!

We donated 5% from every purchase to these three local non-profits -- 


Hope for More Foundation:

They are a non-profit, for non-profits, focused on helping to fund local charities that need more help, specifically charities that work with children. They heavily vet every organization that receives their funding and makes sure they are aligned with their mission: to improve health & quality of life for children that are sick, ailing or disabled. Improve access to education and resources for advocates and survivors of Domestic Violence. Benefit and support Veterans and their families. Stabilize, support and provide opportunities for underprivileged children.


Children's Smiling Hearts:

They are a non-profit focused on helping children who need love & hospital care, have the best possible stay in the hospital through their direct donations of blankets, toys, food vouchers and necessities. 


Lennon's Lunchbox

They are a non-profit built on the belief that kids have enough to worry about and where their next meal comes from shouldn't be one of those worries! They partner with local schools to fund student lunch accounts that would otherwise not be funded, leaving the child to go lunch-less or with a piece of bread with cheese to eat.


All three of these organizes are run locally here in Central FL.